In the last year, we have looked at teaching and learning in our school to find out what we are doing well. This is what we discovered:

Teachers are aware of the individual learning needs of students and adapt teaching and learning practices to help students overcome challenges.

Teachers are aware of their student’s abilities and engage with their opinions. This allows teachers to modify their teaching practice to build on the learning experiences for the students.

This is what we did to find out what we were doing well, and what we could do better:

  1. Teacher surveys were carried out and revealed that 60% of teachers have SEN students in their classes and differentiate homework to suit all levels.
  2. Student surveys were carried out and revealed that 81% of student’s that they were encouraged to work to the best of their ability. While 62% felt that their opinion mattered and that their teachers really listened.

This is what we are now going to work on:

  1. Individual feedback to students as well as comments in copies and journals

This is what you can do to help:

  1. Encourage your child to discuss their progress or any issues they may be having within a subject with their teachers.
  2. Continue to check your child’s journal and discus teacher’s written comments and percentages with them.

Here is some information about how we are carrying out our work and about what the Department of Education and Skills requires us to do.

School time and holidays

The Department requires all post-primary schools to have 167 school days each year, and a 28-hour school week.

This year we had 167 school days, from 28/08/to 31/05. Our school week is 28 hours.

The Department sets out a standardised school year and school holidays.

This year we took all our school holidays within the permitted time.              YES 

The Department sets out arrangements for parent/teacher meetings and staff meetings. This year we had 4 parent/teacher meetings and 5 staff meetings, all in line with the Department’s regulations.

Looking after the children in our school

The Department requires schools to follow the Child Protection Procedures it has set down. Our board of management has agreed in writing to do this.            YES

 All teachers know about the Procedures and we have told all parents about them and how we follow them.            YES 

Our Designated Liaison Person (DLP) is Dermot Brady and our Deputy DLP is Margaret Coady

Enrolment and attendance

The Department requires schools to have and publish an admissions policy, to record and report attendance accurately, and to encourage high attendance and participation.

We have an admissions policy and it is published.                     YES

We reviewed (and updated) our admissions policy on :               November 2019

We keep accurate attendance records and report them as required.             YES 

We encourage high attendance in the following ways: Monthly draws and prizes as well as end of year awards.

Positive behaviour for a happy school

The Department requires schools to have a code of behaviour, and asks us to consult parents and students about it. We do this.              YES 

Our code of behaviour describes and supports positive behaviour.             YES

We have a very clear and high-profile anti-bullying policy in our school.        YES