Guidance & Counselling

Guidance & Counselling

Guidance & Counselling focuses on three key areas in our students development.

  • Personal / Social
  • Educational
  • Career / Vocational

Our Objectives

At the end of each year students will have experienced;

  • Group/Class counselling / guidance in personal and social development
  • Guidance in educational and personal learning / study / exam management
  • Career / Vocational exploration and information
Individual / Group counselling is available for all students on request and/or referral, allowing them to explore their personal thoughts, feelings and choices.

A caring environment is provided for the student experiencing personal crisis and to give support to students learning to cope with the many aspects of growing up.

Students will have access to information which is appropriate for their personal, educational and vocational development

Parents / Guardians will have an opportunity to meet with the guidance counsellor at Parent-Teacher meetings, Guidance Talks or on request

Ms Ann Marie Kiernan ( Guidance Counsellor)


If you have any queries please contact Anne Marie Kiernan.

044 937 4107