School Tours

Each year a selection of school tours is arranged for our students to benefit their educational experience. We aim to provide a foreign tour every two years to give our students the opportunity to travel abroad, for example previous year groups Belgium (The European Space Station), Barcelona and London.

We really enjoyed going on many trips with Columba College. The prices were exceptionally reasonable. The accommodation was very comfortable and reliable. Both students and teachers had great fun. The whole group bonded together! I talked to a lot of people I would never usually talk to and I made so many new friends. It was a great experience and I know we would all go back in a heartbeat.’ – Caoimhe 6th Year

Other school trips include:

  1. Ecology Trips
  2. Ploughing Championships
  3. Higher Options
  4. Theatre Trips
  5. History Trips
  6. Geography Trips
  7. Gaisce Adventure Weekend
  8. Gaelteacht Trips
  9. Class Bonding Trips