iPad Initiative

Digital Literacy

Digital literacy refers to a particular set of competencies that allow you to function and participate fully in a digital world.

Students, nowadays, are generally considered to be digital natives; able to use technology effectively and easily. However, it is equally important to teach students how to become digital citizens. A digital citizen acts appropriately and ethically in an online environment. They must be able to resolve conflicts, source material ethically and interact with the wider world in a responsible manner.

iPad’s in Education

The use of iPads in the classroom:

  1. Increases student engagement
  2. Promotes self-directed learning
  3. Promotes the use of active methodologies in the classroom
  4. Allows students to learn through various mediums
  5. Increases collaboration in the classroom
  6. Improves digital literacy
  7. Improves organisation with digital portfolios
  8. Customises the learning for all learners in the classroom

The use of iPads creates a learning environment that is student centred, creative, innovative and collaborative.